Christof Appel beaten by ‘The Greatest’

Written by Christof Appel
“And in second place…”

No matter how proud one feels to represent District 74 at the World Championships you just can’t hide your disappointment when your name finishes that sentence.

My DNAR contest [Districts Not Assigned to Regions, in other words all Toastmasters Districts outside North America] proved to be an amazing experience with some excellent speakers thrown into the mix.

But when I was announced as coming second we all knew who had won – Muhammed Ali. I’m not joking. His name was Muhammed Ali, from Bahrain (District 79).

He presented an extremely emotional speech where he spoke in depth about his three sons, his wife and his near-death electrocution.

My speech flowed brilliantly and I had them in stitches with my humour but on the day the judges decision is final.

The most valuable lesson Toastmasters teaches us is to accept that sometimes things don’t go your way — whether it’s at the world conference or for your CC2.

For the record, the winners were Ed Hearn, Douglas Wilson (2nd) and Rich Hopkins (3rd) – a clean sweep for the Americans.

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