Evening Toast

The main duty of the person giving the Toast of the Evening is to provoke people’s thoughts/make them want to raise a toast on a subject of your choice.

* Check the time allocated to you on the agenda. The toast of the evening should be no longer that 1 – 2 minutes.
* When you are called upon, make your way to the front and acknowledge the Toastmaster of the Evening before you begin.
* Explain to the audience why you have chosen to toast your subject.
* Ask everyone to stand and toast your subject, let them repeat your toast
* NB – Don’t forget to hand meeting back to the Toastmaster after your toast.

A toast can be on any subject that means something to you. It could be an e-mail that you have recently recieved that made you think (be carefull of this, as lots of people do this and it may not be origional), or something that has happened to you or someone you know. Basically, it can be on anything that you like, but the general principle is that it should be thought provoking.

Keep it short, punchy and to the point. But most important have fun presenting it.