Table Topicsmaster

With TABLE TOPICS™, the Topicsmaster gives members who aren’t assigned a speaking role the opportunity to speak during the meeting. The Topicsmaster challenges each member with a subject, and the speaker responds with a one- to two-minute impromptu talk.

Some people underestimate the Topicsmaster role’s importance. Not only does it provide you with an opportunity to practice planning, preparation, organization, time management and facilitation skills; your preparation and topic selection help train members to quickly organize and express their thoughts in an impromptu setting.

Preparation is the key to leading a successful Table Topics session!  Here’s a fantastic guide for Table Topicsmaster, contributed by our club member Bill Russell.

* Check what the theme is and try to prepare topics associated with the theme, if that is not possible create your own topic.
* Each speaker can be given an individual subject or a choice of subjects may be presented from which the members can draw at random.

* Briefly state the purpose of the topics sessions.
* Encourage visitors and members to participate.
* Make sure everyone knows the length of time they can speak for. (i.e. 1-2 minutes)
* Check your total time allocated to Table Topics, which will be on the agenda, and adjust the number of speakers accordingly, normally you would call on three or four speakers.
* Keep your comments short, as this is a chance for others to speak.
* Award the Table Topics Trophy to the person you thought should win at the end of the evening.