The main duty of the Toastmaster of the Evening is to act as a genial host and conduct the entire program, including introducing participants.
* You should introduce the program participants in a way that excites the audience and motivates them to listen.
* You should create an atmosphere of interest, expectation and receptivity.

Download the checklist for Toastmaster of the evening 


  • Check what the theme for the evening is and try to incorporate it during the evening.
  • Try to gather personal information from the speakers upfront, which enables you to introduce them better
  • Check with the VPE if there are any agenda amendments.


* Try to arrive early to finalise any last-minute details, get the title of the speeches and look up the objectives of the manuals.

* Sit near the front of the room because you’ll be up and down a lot during the meeting.

* Take your audience on a pleasant journey and make them feel that all is going well. It is your job to make sure that everyone knows what is happening. Briefly describe what each part of the agenda is all about – especially to the guests (what are table topics, what is a CC manual)

*Introduce the timekeeper and finemaster/grammarian who explain their roles).
* Always lead the applause.
* Remain standing near the lectern after your introduction until the speaker has acknowledged you and assumed control of the meeting; then be seated.
* Introduce all of the speakers and state the objectives of their manual projects ( This should not be done by the Evaluator). You should have all of their speech titles down as well and use them in your introduction which should end with “with a speech entitled, the title of the speech,   please welcome ” speakers name”

* If anyone forgets part of the agenda, you do it.
* Hand control of the meeting to the VPE for the Business Session at the end of the meeting, VPE to hand control of meeting to President for closure of meeting.

Download The Toastmaster’s Checklist