Video Master or Website Article /Blog

Writing the website article or Blog for the evening.

You are responsible for taking notes on the titles and timing of the speeches  and evaluations. Also note down the winner of the Table Topics and the participant names. Write a short recap about the evening, you can use the agendas, which are distributed, as a guide for the article. Find examples of a blog or website article on

Once finished, send the article (within tow weeks and in word format preferably) to It will be uploaded on the website for future reference!

This counts towards your CL manual Project 6, Organizing and Delegating

The video master is responsible for recording the speeches for the evening. Recorded speeches can then be used by the speaker to improve their ability, pretty much like preparing your speech in front of the mirror. Should the speaker want, we can also upload to speech to our website.

  • Operating the camera very basic, however, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the camera prior to the meeting.
  • Make sure both batteries are fully charged.
  • Secure a seat close to the front where from where you will have a clear and unobstructed view of the speaker.
  • Speakers who want to be recorded need to supply you with their own SD-card.
  • After the meeting return each speakers SD-card.
  • It is the responsibility of each speaker to upload their speech to a Youtube account in order for the webmaster to embed their speech on our Youtube account and link to our website