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EY Toastmasters 3rd December Meeting Recap

We had an absolutely wonderful last meeting of the year at EY Toastmasters on the 3rd of December. We were blessed with amazing speakers that truly took public speaking to new heights and inspired us to go into 2020 with 2020 vision. Our meeting was a Speakathon that was filled with remarkable speeches.

Madam President Rutendo was our phenomenal Toastmaster of the evening. She chose “2020 Vision” as the theme of the evening and enlightened us with amazing tips throughout the evening on how to gain 2020 vision in our lives.

We had 6 exceptional speakers:

First Speaker: Nash Singh

Nash did his Icebreaker speech which is his very first Toastmasters speech. His speech was titled “Speechless” and he did a wonderful job. His speech was very deep. He shared some personal experiences and insights about his personal journey through life and tips on how to deal with different situations when we are unprepared.

Second Speaker: Ryan Von Ess

Ryan did an Icebreaker speech titled “Knowing your why and overcoming adversity.” He shared with us a variety of personal experiences in his life where he overcame adversity by truly channeling his deeper why and purpose. Exceptional insights were revealed about Ryan’s life and the amazing ways in which he tackled obstacles and challenges.

Third Speaker: Stuart Heginbotham

Stuart gave an Ice Breaker speech where he gave impeccable advice based on his life experiences. His speech was titled “That was then and this is Now!” His speech was hilarious where he compared the way society and business was back in the day and what it is like today. Stuart brought his own unique storytelling style to his speech.

Fourth Speaker: Gerd-Jan Ukena

Gerd-Jan did a speech titled “Leading with Love” which was a very profound speech. He challenged the way in which people “lead” and spoke about how important it is to show warmth, an interest in the person’s success and life and a desire to connect with them. He demonstrated the power of how to lead with love.

Fifth Speaker: Nashad Soeker

Nashad did an incredible speech titled “Fix It.” His speech was hilarious, unique and at the same time, had a lot of crucial lessons. He spoke about how important it is to have a solutions focused mind and for us to realise that anything is truly figureoutable if we put our minds to it. He shared a lot of valuable life lessons through his life experiences.

Sixth Speaker: Yumna Aysen

Yumna did a marvellous speech titled “First Class Thoughts.” Her speech compared self sabotaging thoughts to first class thoughts and how first class thoughts has the ability to truly help you always see the positive in the negatives with great clarity and 2020 vision. She also shared with us the importance and power of what journaling can do for your life.

We also had a powerful and hilarious Table Topics session that was hosted by Yanga. Yanga’s Table Topics had a New Years Resolutions theme. Our Table Topics speakers were truly fantastic.

We also had our phenomenal Vice President of Membership Cynthia– induct our lovely new members into the EY club. Our new members are:


Rutendo also inducted Nash as he takes on the role of Secretary as part of our EXCO team.

Our winners of the evening were:

“Best Speaker” went to Yumna.

“Best Table Topics Speaker” went to Esther.

What a spectacular last meeting of the year and we hope to see you at our next meeting taking place on the 14th of January.

Have an absolutely amazing festive season with your friends and family and an incredible New Years.

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