The Last Dance for 2018!

The Last Dance for 2018!

And so it ends it ends, folks. The theme of the day was “Anything else you would like to know?”….It’s now or never. Miguel and Ify began where Ope left off at our previous meeting and gave us an informative educational presentations. Some more exciting news: Ope accepted the award to Beat the Clock for our club as we successfully renewed in May-June this year and We added another ribbon to our flag for achieving the club goals last year.

We had a total of five speeches by Anastasios, Jennifer, Jerry, Yumna and Liezl who finished her CC10, well done!

In some bittersweet news we had to bid farewell to Ify. Thank you for all that you have done and your hard work; you will surely be missed by all!

Our winners of the evening are as following:

Best speaker: Yumna

Best table topic speakers: Faith


Best speaker: Yumna and Ify

Best table topic speakers: Faith and Ify

Apprcition certificate awarded to Ify by Yanga


Please join us in 2019 so you can start your path to enhance your life in a positive manner.