Face The Pain

We had such a cool EY Toastmasters meeting last night on the 4th of August. If you weren’t there you totally missed out.
Our theme for the evening was, “Face The Pain”. This theme was centered around pushing through difficulties in order to reach your goals.

Our Madam President Yumna Aysen opened our meeting by telling us that there is nothing wrong with being weird. Too many times we try to fit into someone else’s mold and we often feel like we don’t measure up. Yumna reminded us that its ok to be different because this is where our power lies.

We were honoured to have had four amazing speakers who all did a wonderful job delivering their speeches.
Our first speaker, Nashad Soeker, delivered a heartwarming speech under the title, “Quit Quitter Quittest”.
Our second speaker, Cynthia Kanyenze, blew us away with her performance. Her speech was titled, “Bridging The Gap”.
Our third speaker, Magdeleen Cilliers, displayed nothing but sheer eloquence with her speech titled, “On The Road Again”.
Our final speaker, Celeste Sirin, outdid herself with an amazing  speech titled, “What we can learn from The Class of 2020 – Gen Zs!”

We had four different evaluators that did an amazing job and gave our speakers great insights into their speeches. Our evaluators were:

1. Cynthia who evaluated Nashad’s speech

2. Martyna who evaluated Cynthia’s speech

3. Daniel who evaluated Magdeleen’s speech

3. Tapiwa who evaluated Celeste’s speech

We had our lovely Toastmasters member Janet Schuiling lead the Table Topics session part of our meeting. She did a splendid job and came up with some great topics.

Our Winners of the evening were as follows:

1. Best Speaker was awarded to Celeste

2. Best Evaluator was awarded to Tapiwa

3. Best Table Topics was awarded to Devlin

What an amazing meeting!

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