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Welcome to Pathways, our new and exciting education program. 

Toastmasters designed Pathways to help you build the competencies you need to succeed. It’s based on years of research, including feedback from thousands of our members. Pathways is an exciting, flexible and interactive way to develop your skills and those of your fellow Toastmasters. And best of all, you get to choose which skills you want to develop.

Here’s what you can look forward to with Pathways:

  • The opportunity to build up to 300 unique competencies
  • 11 specialized learning paths to choose from, with over 60 competencies in each
  • Online content, so that you can learn anytime, anywhere
  • Real-world, transferable skills
  • Content available in Arabic, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese

Why was it created?

Pathways was created because we wanted to improve the network experience. We realised that our current learning programme needed to be more modern to better reflect real-world communication scenarios. We wanted it to be more in-line with the powerful leadership lessons learned in a Toastmaster club.  

We found that there needed to be more clarity between the Communication and Leadership program. We wanted to know what actions needed to be taken for our Toastmasters to be successful in each role, and what skills, attributes, behaviours and competencies were required. Something was holding members back and we wanted to change this, so we conducted research. What we found was our members wanted more flexibility in what they were learning. They wanted to complete projects online.  And they wanted real-world experiences that they could translate into their work lives.

The new Pathways learning experience delivers all of this and more. 

Which paths and projects are available to you?

  • Dynamic Leadership 
  • Effective Coaching
  • Innovative Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Motivational Strategies
  • Persuasive Influence
  • Presentation Mastery
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Team Collaboration
  • Visionary Communication
  • Engaging Humor

Why is Pathways valuable to you?

Most importantly because it maintains what you love about Toastmasters. Before starting your Toastmasters Pathways experience, members can take an online assessment. This will recommend which paths you should learn. The rest is up to you. Learn at your own pace and tailor your experience. It’s easy to use and navigate, so you won’t have any difficulty getting to grips with the system. And we even offer a formal mentoring programme for those of you who’d like to be mentored and for those who want to become mentors.

Here’s what you can expect from Pathways:

  • It’s online so you can learn anytime, anywhere 
  • You’ll find all your materials in base camp – feedback, transcriptions, projects and resources 
  • Select paths are also available in print for those who prefer to learn this way
  • You can watch our education videos which model skills as you learn them
  • Excitingly, you can explore new projects from Toastmasters such as writing a blog and creating a podcast

We’re excited about the journey ahead.

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