April 2006: Wat SA Matzos U – Hey!

Written by Liz Henry
A theme with a difference? What fun this was. Our Toastmaster of the evening was our guest OLIVIER BAUDRY. He introduced our topic and started the evening off on a great note. Olivier had done a lot of research on the Matzos and was also creative in bringing Matzos along for all the tables to try out with their dinner. He also incorporated the song that our theme came from.

Guy Lundy did the Impromptu Competition. Olivier with his French accent took great delight in calling Guy – Gee. The Branded Image Impromptu Competition was won by Max Kaizen. The other participants were David Murray-Smith, Lloyd Dicks, Jennifer Taylor and one of the guests Sacha Sorrell.

C&L Assignments:

We had two icebreakers – Andrew Franks and Winston Beckford. Well done – both were fantastic and gave us insight us to what these two new members are all about. Debbie Frost did her C&L2 – “Thinking, Thinking, 1, 2, 3!” and this really did give us a lot to think about. Sandra Dicks did her C&L 7 – “Words of Change”. Max Kaizen did her C&L8 –“Enhance what nature gave you”. The last speech was done by Lloyd Dicks, which was a play that Lloyd had written. What great ideas Lloyd. This was excellent, he mastered the quick changes and accent changes very well. As an addition we had quite a sight as we could view Lloyd in his British shorts!

Patrick Ashworth finished off the evening with a round of fines and Donna Maclagan our President closed the meeting.