Area D3 Humour Contest

The Area D3 Humour Contest took place at the Ernst & Young House on the 24th of August. We had a great turnout of about 45 delegates. Toastmaster and Competition Chair for the evening, Mike Clark, used his great sense of humour to keep the evening flowing and kept us all in bouts of laughter. Max Kaizen toasted Toastmasters and humour and how well they work together. Hardly anyone even realized that there had been a communication slipup, and Max had to do this as a complete impromptu. Well done Max.

Sandra Dicks bribed members and guests to participate in the Table Topics session with sour worms and made them spill the beans on when they had played or had others play practical jokes on them. The truth was spilt and lots of laughs were enjoyed, warming up the audience for the competition to come.

Deidre Pluke then shared a thanksgiving with the club and we broke for dinner prepared by our outstanding caterer Lynn Beckwith.

After dinner Chantal Smuts, the evening’s Chief Judge, spent a few minutes conducting a public judges briefing, and then Mike started the competition.

First to speak was Paddy Clark who shared the joys and pains of being an amateur actress. Next, Jason Sandler explained why men would never understand women, and gave plenty of very funny examples. David Duarte made light of our very colorful nation, South Africa, and reminded us all why it is so much fun living here! Stuart Seaton, shared some of his experiences as a bank manager, and made us all realize that big brother is watching us, especially in a bank. Last, but definitely not least, was Pedro Roberts, who spoke on Pedro Roberts and his hat.

All agreed that the speeches were outstanding and that the judges would have a hard time choosing, so we broke for coffee and desert while the tally counters sorted out the decision.

Mike then introduced each of the contestants and thanked them for taking part, and handed over to the chief judge, Chantal Smuts for the announcement.

Jason Sandler, took first place, David Duarte took runner up and Paddy Clark took third.

All that was left was for Lloyd Dicks to thank the many people involved in making the evening run smoothly and call the meeting to a close.

Please don’t forget to support Jason Sandler in the Division Humour Contest that will take place on the 30th September. Watch this space for more information!