August 2006: Snowball

Written by Donna Maclagan
There was no snow in sight but Toastmaster of the Evening, Lloyd Dicks managed to leave us cold … let me rephrase, it took him a while to warm up the audience of 32, but we thawed out nicely and by the end of the evening we were warm and Toasty (no excuses for the pun).

Stuart Kantor’s toast of the evening was to people who could say yes or no with conviction. He left us with a challenge to make bold choices and “don’t be sissies”.

Liz Henry, our Table Topics Master, had some snowy experiences for our brave participants to create masterpieces from. Talisa McMillian had her skis dangling above the ice but was relieved when she welcomed home by her father’s friendly face. Max Kaizen was heading down the black snow slope, drinking hot chocolate and making an adventure of it. Jessica Hudson was getting thirsty and the snow was starting to melt as she snowboarded and shimmied her way home. Brent Combrink didn’t realise that a snowball could hurt so much when he turned the topic back to Toastmasters and roasted Lloyd for using derogatory terminology for the Inuit. Talisa was the overall winner of the Table Topics Trophy and thermal mug which is sponsored by Branded Image.

Tessa Collusi from Relais Hotels presented their Image Collection of hotels to us and left information packs on our tables and tantalising images in our minds. She went on to present the Participation Points prize. Sandra Dicks was a clear winner with 61 points accumulated over the year and the first prize consisted of two nights B&B for two at The Simon’s Town Quayside Hotel. Lloyd Dicks was in second place with 57 points which he kindly handed over to Donna Maclagan, being the next runner-up with 53 points. The second prize consisted of two nights B&B for two at The Bantry Bay Hotel.

Lynn Beckwith had once again surpassed our expectations with her dinner of sweet chilli chicken served with three-cheese & peppadew rolls, green salad and veggie couscous which was followed by berry pavlova, which, in its divinity, could melt a snowman’s heart.

Paola Loria’s speech, Home sweet home (C&L3) about rising interest rates, property bubbles, Lion’s Head and her very own 24.5 square metres of heaven peaked our interest. Rikki Barnes’ speech, The Plan (C&L4) told us of how he conquered half of the world in one fowl swoop, reminded us that there is nothing like a good meal to restore your faith in humanity and that the right time for your dreams is right now! Phillip Robinson’s speech, Our every day challenges (C&L5) started off by sorting the men from the boys, told us how to achieve mental toughness and ended with a teaser for each one of us to remind ourselves of our successes instead of dwelling on our failures. Sandra Dicks’ untitled speech conjured up images of her knitting granny breaking into a beautiful 96-year-old toothless grin over a cup of tea. She encouraged us to pick up the knitting needles and have some down time from our stress and nervous energy.

Important items from the Business Session were:

· Area Humour Contest will be held at Ernst & Young House on 24 August 2006

· Semi-annual fees of R215 to please be paid by 22nd September 2006

Division D Humour Contest will be held at Hout Bay Club on 30th September 2006