Baby Toasties!

Written by Sandra Dicks
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to pass on the wonderful news that our President, Donna Maclagan, has delivered a healthy baby boy – Daniel Ethan weighing 3.1kg! Poor Donna though is suffering from bronchitis together with the physical toll of giving birth, so she probably won’t be able to take visits or phone calls for a while yet, but I’m sure she appreciates any messages.

Also congratulations to Si and Maria Ekin who, on 15 June, became the proud parents of their baby girl called Thapelo Emily (their first). So be carefull of the water at Toastmasters, it might be catchy what with Guy & Christine Lundy pregnant again, as well as ex Toasties, Gavin & Irene Coetzee! Congrats all round.

Whilst I’m here, at the June club where we announced that July’s meeting is the humorous contest. So anyone who would like to participate in the contest please let me know so we can give you speaking priority (please email me). Club is on the 20th of July.

Thanks and have a great week.

Sandra Dicks