Basic Manuals

Novice toastmasters start with the Competent Communicator Manual (CC) and the Competent Leader Manual (CL).

To ease the tracking of your Competent Leadership achievements, download the Toastmasters Competent Leader Assignments Master

Downloadable versions of the first two speeches of the Competent Communicator Manual, so you can start off and dont have to wait until you have your new member kit

CC1 and CC2 and From the Successful Club series Moments of Truth Manual

See for advanced manuals in the drop down menu. Enquire with our VPE if you want more information on background and experience of a specific manual: email
The  following materials are from the better speaker series free, downloadable .pdf and .pps files in the Toastmasters online store:

The Better Speaker Series Kit (Digital) (Item 269DCD)

A complete set of The Better Speaker Series presentations, including outlines and PowerPoint shows.

Beginning Your Speech (Digital) (Item 270DCD)

Concluding Your Speech (Digital) (Item 271DCD)

Controlling Your Fear (Digital) (Item 272DCD)

Impromptu Speaking (Digital) (Item 273DCD)

Selecting Your Topic (Digital) (Item 274DCD)

Know Your Audience (Digital) (Item 275DCD)

Organizing Your Speech (Digital) (Item 276DCD)

Creating an Introduction (Digital) (Item 277DCD)

Preparation and Practice (Digital) (Item 278DCD)

Using Body Language (Digital) (Item 279DCD)