Be the change that you wish to see in the world

Our third online EY Toastmasters meeting on the 7th of May was absolutely spectacular! We had our EY members, members from other Toastmasters clubs (local and international clubs) and wonderful new guests who all participated in our meeting. 😃👏

Our theme of the evening was “Change.” This was chosen by our wonderful Toastmaster of the evening- Yanga. Yanga led the meeting with great energy and empowered us all.

Here are some great quotes that were shared by Yanga (our Toastmaster of the evening) with regards to his chosen theme called “Change” :

“Change is constant.”
“Change is something that we go through every day.”
“Words to describe change are – adjustment, advance, innovation, and diversity. These synonyms stand for progression, growth and becoming better.”

We were honoured to have had three amazing speakers.

Our first speaker was Celeste. Celeste did a speech titled, “The Golden Thread of Mindfulness.” Celeste did a powerful speech where she shared her personal story of what motivated her to do Toastmasters and shared with us all of the important lessons that she learnt through her career as a business owner. She spoke about how being mindful can be a game changer in your life when you practice it every day. Her stories related to all of us and she truly stepped out of her comfort zone and into her own potential through her icebreaker speech. An icebreaker speech is the first speech that a new Toastmasters member does in front of the club.

Our second speaker was Kareemah with a speech titled, “Everyone is a Genius.” She spoke about 4 important learning styles and how it’s important to become cognisant of these learning styles when leading and teaching people. These 4 learning styles were: 1. The visual style 2. Auditor 3. Reading & Writing 4. Practical learners. She stressed the importance of taking note of people’s learning styles.

Our third speaker was Cynthia and she did a speech titled, “Lessons Learnt from a Year in Leadership.” Her speech encompassed the truths about being a leader and her journey through being part of EY Toastmasters EXCO team. Cynthia spoke about the importance of investing hours into yourself and how that can pay off in the long term. A quote that stood out from her amazing speech was this, “On the other side of fear is freedom.”

We had three different evaluators that did an amazing job and gave our speakers great insights into their speeches. Our evaluators were:

1. Mbasa who evaluated Celeste’s speech
2. Michelle who evaluated Kareemah’s speech
3. Ruben who evaluated Cynthia’s speech

Our Table Topics section of the meeting in which the audience gets to participate and practice their impromptu speech skills was hosted by our seasoned Toastmasters member Nashad. Nashad asked a variety of thought provoking questions. Some of these questions included:

1. What advice would you give to your 10 year old self?
2. What’s your favourite quote and why?
3. What have you decided to change in your life and how do you intend on changing it?

Our Table Topics speakers truly did a magnificent job.


Our Winners of the evening were as follows:

1. Best Speaker was awarded to Cynthia
2. Best Evaluator was awarded to Michelle
3. Best Table Topics was awarded to Sanele

An absolutely magnificent EY Toastmasters Meeting again!

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