E&Y Club are playing Paintball.

Written by Patrick Ashworth
Paintball – the Truth
You are invited to join us on Saturday May 27 in Plattekloof
Some people have paintball all wrong – they think it’s just a bunch of testosterone-filled lard heads, running around painfully shooting each other.
There are two common misconceptions about the sport:
1) War and Violence

One is that paintball simulates war and encourages violence, thanks largely to vandalism (most often by non-players), and the small, but noticeable resemblance of markers to firearms and the donning of camouflage by some players. Additionally, paintball has been used for close combat training by both law enforcement agencies and terrorist groups.

The paintball community generally works to dispel this image, increasing the public’s exposure to paintball is seen as crucial to breaking down stereotypes. Paintball fields do not tolerate physical violence (contact with an opponent is usually forbidden) or even verbal abuse.
2) Injury and Danger

Another common misconception of paintball is that it is dangerous. Recent statistics from various insurance companies have proven that paintball is actually safer than traditional sports, such as rugby. As long as the players follow the rules, paintball is an entirely safe sport. Paintball fields require anyone near the field to wear a face mask, and that markers shoot at a velocity of less than 300 feet per second. Paintball, on the insurance tables, is safer than golf, bowling, and tennis.
More reasons to join us on the morning of Saturday May 27 in Plattekloof;
a) Paintball is an exhilarating game of skill, strategy and cunning
b) Good exercise, fresh air and sunshine
c) Great stress relief
d) Ladies – having trouble meeting men in cliquey Cape Town? Typically the male: female ratio in paintball games is 5:1!
For more information, visit: www.dye-hard.co.za