February 2006: Freudian Slippers

Written by Liz Henry
Ernst & Young Meeting 16 February 2006 – “My Freudian Slippers”
by Liz Henry
We had our first meeting in our new premises on the first floor of Ernst & Young. A stunning venue! Brent Combrink was our Toastmaster of the Evening, he was wearing two hats as he was also the Contest Chair.
We started with the Impromptu Competition – the theme that Brent used was “Mother”. David Duarte, Max Kaizen, Suzanne Schneider and Stuart Kantor all competed. The competition was won by Stuart Kantor.
The International Prepared Competition had two speakers – Guy Lundy and Si Ekin.
This was an exceptionally close competition as both contestants were of a high standard. The competition was won by Guy Lundy.
Suzanne did a different thanksgiving by turning off the lights and lighting candles.
C&L Assignments:
Debbie Frost did her icebreaker. Debbie has been a member of the club for a long time so it was lovely to find out more about Debbie.
Paola Lorio did an interesting speech on wine and it was great to hear that red wine was good for our health.
David Duarte talked about getting attention, it was a though provoking and interesting speech.
David Winter spoke about the Ironman competition. Explaining the in’s and out’s with lots of movement and expression, it made us feel we were apart of the competition.
Sandra Dicks did her speech about the best days of her life, a great speech that kept your interest all the way.
Caroline Greenway, Acting President, closed the evening as Donna Maclagan could not make the meeting.