January 2006: Great Expectations

Written by Liz Henry
“GREAT EXPECTATIONS” what a wonderful way to start this meeting! It was great to be back home at our Ernst & Young and premises. Our conference room was filled with members and welcome guests.

Our Toastmaster of the evening JACKY LOURENS started off by introducing the excitement that a New Year brings, and this included the news for our President – Donna Maclagan who is expecting her second child – Congrats Donna!
We had the pleasure of our Area Governor D3 visiting as – Ret Steyn. Ret gave us a very informative talk on our new Leadership Coaching Track. This information was very useful.

Caroline Greenway led the Table Topics with a great idea for the entrant, who had to choose a Cadbury’s chocolate bar with a Yes/No gesture to talk about. There were five entrants and Jenny Taylor won the trophy.
Lloyd Dicks presented an after dinner speech which showed us his transition from the early days of attempting to speak in public to where he is now. As always it was an informative speech with a lot of enjoyable humour.
Greer Blizzard did her Ice Breaker explaining how she made her way into this world. A very strong speech for an icebreaker that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It was great to find out more about Greer.
Rickard Chambers gave a speech about the Clock of Life. A very thought provoking speech, and a very interesting topic. It caught our attention, and left us all with a lot to think about.
Max Kaisen spoke about exceeding your expectations. How to keep your New Year resolutions and how to handle expectations that are not met. A great speech relating to the start of the New Year.
Thys Lourens did a speech about his T Shirt, which he had scrunched up in a plastic bag. This shirt told the stories of his travels, how he roughed, his experiences – what a story!
Si Ekin delivered his final speech No 10 so he is now a Competent Toast Master. Well done Si! His speech had to do with a near death experience. A lot of information for us to think about, different experiences, the realisation and the fear of the end.
A wonderful evening with a lot of exciting speeches – well done everybody for holding up such a great standard and making a brilliant start to the New Year!