July 2006: Djoe Laai

Written by Lloyd Dicks
The July Club meeting was a relatively small meeting with 28 people attending (11 of which were guests). Greer Blizzard stood in for Liz as Sergeant at Arms, and kicked the meeting off on time. Sandra Dicks stood in for Donna as president and welcomed the guest (as Donna believed that having a baby was a good enough excuse for missing a club meeting – she won’t do that again in a hurry). Then Max Kaizen took the floor as Toastmaster of the evening and kept us in fits of laughter. The theme of Djoe Laai (as in “July” or “You Lie”) allowed for plenty of annecdotes.

Lloyd Dicks had the honour of announcing to the club that we had achieved 10/10 for the DCP Goals. No small feat at all. The club had sponsored some sparkling wine, so we got to toast the suceess properly.

David Murray-Smith conducted the table topics session. As always, David found a unique angle to it, and allowed everyone to stay seated in their chairs and those who wanted had a chance to share their most embarassing moment with the club. Lindy Nick told how her brothers took photos of her in the “nick” and showed them around at a party. This was just too much for David and he awarded her with the Branded Image Improptu Champion Trophy.

Julie Steyn then gave the thanks and we enjoyed another of Lynn’s finely cooked meals.

After dinner, we were treated to 3 prepared speeches. Tammy Gerber presented her C&L2 and gave us plenty of fine ideas on how to decorate our homes on a budget. Gareth Eager presented his C&L3 about Urban Ledgends and convinced us that if we don’t tell at least another 10 people about it we would never have any luck again! It was really Lindy Nick’s evening as she blew us away with a fantastically funny C&L5 about a trip she took with her father and brother and their snoring.

Next, David Duarte won the humour competition. The fact that he was the only competitor took nothing away from the fact that he had an incredibly funny speech. (We won’t tell you what it was about right now, as he will use that speech to compete (and represent E&Y TM Club) in the Area Humour Contest on the 24th of August).

Ruark Purchase was timekeeper and kept everyone on track for time, and Greer Blizzard was finemaster and punished those ‘slip of the tongues’ by fining them a few cents, much to the delight of the audience.

During the business session, Lloyd Dicks thanked the 2005/06 Club Officers and then inducted the 2006/07 Club Officers into their new roles.

Sandra, in her capacity as acting president, then thanked all involved and closed the meeting on time.

Another great meeting sadly came to an end. I lie not.