June 2006: The Heat is On

Written by David Duarte
At June’s E&Y club meeting we not only enjoyed some very entertaining speaking, but we witnessed some important milestones being achieved too. The theme for the night was “The Heat is On”.

The first milestone was Tammy Gerber’s last call to order as Sergeant at Arms for 2006. Then Tammy’s done such a great job, but now it’s her turn to do some speeches!

Club President Donna Maclagan was on pregnancy standby, so Sandra Dicks then welcomed us as the Acting President.

Ken Schuman, Toastmaster for the evening, kept us entertained with his perceptive wit and attention to detail. He pointed out that “The Heat is On” since we’ve passed the winter solstice.

Debbie Frost gave a delightful Toast to the World Cup Soccer and how it brings the world together. Then it was time for Paola Lorio, our first female Video Master (milestone!), to get the speakers video cassettes.

Phillip Robinson kept the soccer theme going with his table topics. Liz Henry, Thys Lourens and Brad Rubly, a guest from E&Y, volunteered for it… It was later revealed that Brad, was the only one who managed to speak for the full minute! Nevertheless, the Table Topics Trophy went to Liz for her impressive and inspirational take on “who is going to win the world cup”, in which she managed to not mention one team by name!

Lindy Nick shared a profound email she received with us as part of her Thanksgiving, reminding us of the importance and value of relationships.

Lynn Beckwith’s catering was outstanding as always, and we heartily enjoyed her delicious winter fare.

We then had five prepared speeches. Dave Duarte delivered his C&L 6, in which he had to use vocal variety. He talked on being passionate vs being perfect as a conference presenter. Thys Lourens, doing his momentous C&L 10, sympathised with people who get sad in winter. He surprised us all when he stripped of his sombre blue shirt to reveal a bright red tropical shirt beneath! Max Kaizen, also doing her 10th, inspired us to tell more stories! Max had us believing that stories are indeed more important for our survival than food is. For his AC&L 8 Guy Lundy had to give a Sales Training presentation. Using soccer as a metaphor, Guy taught us how we can all hear “LADUUMA” more often when we’re selling! Lloyd Dicks had to interpret and deliver a famous speech for his AC&L10. He gave us his moving rendition of John F. Kennedy’s speech on aiming for the moon.

David Winter, Sandra Dicks, Liz Henry, Caroline Greenway and Stuart Seaton evaluated the speakers. There were glowing reports on the high level of speaking we witnessed. As always, though, the evaluators pointed out some areas that the speakers should work on to become even better.

The timekeeper’s report by Julie Steyn, and the Finemaster’s report by Caroline Greenway gave us a chuckle.

Then, there was an award to be presented:
Lloyd Dicks, our new Area Governor presented an certificate to Brent Combrink in honour of the excellent job he’d done coaching the Talking Heads Toastmasters group. Brent’s acceptance speech was exceptionally good… and, in fact, we found out that he’d sneaked his AC&L 10 on us – his assignment was to give an acceptance of an award speech!

Liz Henry gave a big thanks to everyone who assisted her and the committee in all the tasks that needed to be done in the past year.

With that, the Acting-President (Sandra Dicks) brought the meeting to a close. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it another excellent meeting.