March 2006: Powerspin

Written by Max Kaizen
The March E&Y Toastmasters Club gathering in our stylish new venue (the plush first floor of Ernst & Young) outclassed the setting! Consistently setting higher standards for our speaking at each meeting, the E&Y Toastmasters members showed themselves in fine form to the 12 welcomed guests.

Our Toastmaster of the Evening was the witty, whip-cracking Stuart Seaton from Nedbank Toastmasters. Stuart wove in dire tales from the world of retail banking (shattering many an illusion!), and kept us all thoroughly amused.

Our frustrations and elations were evident in the number of references to the power blackouts we Capetonians unmercifully endured; balanced by the delight at our cricket triumph, which were peppered though prepared speeches, toasts and Table Topics. Past President Caroline, having been a survivor of a boss-monster, took the first presentation spot to guide us through power-cuts of a different kind.

Donna took Table Topics back to its roots, and offered brave volunteers the opportunity to give quality opinion on a current event, as though it were around a dinner table. Although he had some powerful opponents lucky Lloyd got to gallop home with not one, but two trophies for his winning effort that had us all wheezing with laughter.

Sandra got us all warm in the heart with Thanksgiving, to prep us for warm tummies, as Lynn patriotically proffered South Africa’s national dish (bobotie, for those like me who didn’t know) and a dessert with a dodgy old political past: Hertzogies. Somehow dinner always seems to taste so much better when seasoned with a good story!

A rich spectrum of prepared speeches followed. Rikki Barnes’ outstanding debut speech let us peer into the quirky list-fiend world that lurks beneath his seeming actuarial serenity. Greer took us back into the dark and offered us the magic Mary Poppins way to actually ENJOY the blackouts(!). David’s list of 10 conversation-clinching cool factors (date & dump a rockstar included) in his 4th speech had us giggling once again. Suzanne (who we will miss very much) gave her last E&YTM speech to her rapt audience before she wings her way to Madrid!! Max embraced the topic of body language, as the 5th assignment calls for, with customary gusto and confidence. In her seventh C&L speech, Liz would surely have sent anyone with a cat allergy into full-blown panic with her vivid celebration of feline fabulousness.

The evaluators, among them champion Toastmaster Guy Lundy fresh from victory a few nights prior, gave clear, positive and entertaining feedback to ensure we keep our club’s reputation of producing outstanding speakers polished.

Paola engineered another precision time-keepers report. While Ken devastated many of us by going on a fine rampage akin to cops before Christmas – ouch!

Afterwards we got to gather around Suzanne, and make her feel the friendship fuzzies that we know she’ll carry in her heart long after those (government issue?!) condoms she got as prezzie1 have discovered their purpose in Spain 😉

With a fresh batch of eager guests signing up to join us in April, another splendid evening of learning & laughing, shared by all, the March E&YToastmasters drew to a close.

(Look out for E&Y Club doing a raid early next month to show the rest of them how its done! )