21st November Toastmasters Recap

What a remarkable meeting at EY Toastmasters on the 21st of November. We had speakers and guests that truly wholeheartedly stepped out of their comfort zones and made magic happen.

Our theme of the evening was: “MOREvember” which was very deep, powerful, and symbolic. Our EXCO member Odwa came up with the meeting theme. We asked him what it meant and this is what he said: “It’s about appreciating the more in us rather than chasing the more out there. Always feeling inadequate according to experiences and expectations. But looking at the more in us, we get to self love, self value, self appreciate, and discover that more that lies within than out there. Toastmasters aims to bring out the more in you, the leader, the change agent, the motivator, the solver, the giver, self acknowledgement is what we all seek, but most often in the wrong places. As the year ends, many may feel that they have not achieved “enough” and want to do “more” the following year. But the best way is to see the more in us this MOREVEMBER.”

Our Word Of The Day which was chosen by Everton was “Delighted” – which means “very pleased or happy.”

Our Toastmaster of the evening was Rutendo who inspired us and made us truly realise the endless amount of potential within each and every single one of us. She enlightened us and helped us realise the more in us.

We had four remarkable speakers:

First Speaker: Sanele Xulu

Sanele did a phenomenal speech titled “Compassionate Living.” This was her second speech in Toastmasters and she did an amazing job in her natural storytelling way. She spoke about the importance of having compassion for not only yourself, but for others too.” Phenomenal points were brought up during her speech that were very enlightening.

Second Speaker: Rutendo Nyamuda

Rutendo did an exceptional speech titled “Say Yes Then Learn How To Do It.” Extraordinary insights were shared. She used an amazing finger clicking exercise that she involved the audience in and asked us a few vital self enlightening questions. Her speech was based off of Richard Branson’s quote: “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it, say yes, then learn how to do it later.”

Third Speaker: Alan Wolff

Alan did an outstanding speech titled “What’s in a bubble?” He shared the sad truths of what is actually happening behind the scenes when trends rise and fall. His speech encouraged us to get out of our bubble and educate ourselves on what’s going on outside of our bubble. Alan astounded us with a very illuminating and informative speech.

Fourth Speaker: Daniella Djan

Daniella did a magnificent speech titled: “Overcoming My Crazy.” She brought an amazing dynamic to storytelling and public speaking through her speech by incorporating theatrics into it. She made us laugh and at the same time- made us really think deeply. A powerful question from her speech was: “What is your crazy and what are you doing about it?” A truly outstanding speech.

We had a wonderful general evaluation done by Yumna which involved the entire audience giving valuable feedback to our exceptional speakers.

We also had a sensational Table Topics session that was hosted by Abdul. Abdul came up with hilarious topics in which each Table Topics speaker had to pretend that they were being interviewed according to their topic. Our Table Topics speakers truly thought out of the box.

Our Winners of the evening were:

“Best Speaker” went to Daniella Djan

“Best Table Topics” speaker went to Nash Singh

A truly fantastic evening once again at EY Toastmasters.

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