Opportunity is everywhere

We had a superb EY Toastmasters meeting on the 21st of May.

Our theme of the evening was “Opportunity” chosen by our lovely Toastmaster of the evening – Tapiwa. Tapiwa spoke about how we’re living in very uncertain times right now and she encouraged us to find the silver lining and opportunity in the times that we’re living in right now. A brilliant theme indeed.

Our wonderful Madam President Rutendo did a hilarious and powerful toast to the power of having an alter ego.


Our first speaker was Sherif. Sherif did a speech titled, “Through Hell.” This was Sherif’s very first Toastmasters speech at our club and he did a splendid job. He spoke about the intense Egyptian Revolution that was very tough for all of the civilians of the country. He learnt a lot of powerful lessons during this time. Some of the powerful messages that he brought up during his speech were the power of authenticity, brotherhood, and starting with yourself. A quote that stood out from his speech was this, “If you want to move people, you need to do it from a place of authenticity.” Sherif’s speech was powerful.

Our second speaker was Socotra with a speech titled, “One Step at a Time.” She spoke about how COVID has brought about huge changes and has had a big impact on many people’s lives. Her speech was beautiful. She spoke about how life is constant change and there will always be change that is out of your control, but the important part is to focus on your internal control and choose to take one step at a time. Two quotes that were truly fantastic that stood out from her speech were these: “Living life is dancing with change.” And “How can you make this year your own adventure?” A very eye opening speech.

Our third speaker was Yumna and she did a speech titled, “Lead with your Heart.” She spoke about the importance of connecting with your team on deeper levels and the amazing benefits that transformational leadership can bring about in an organisation. In order to create an organisation that helps their employees flourish, it’s important to embrace and create an environment of empathy, transparency, and vulnerability. Therefore it is important to touch a heart before you ask for a hand.

Our fourth speaker was Yanga. Yanga did a hilarious and powerful speech titled “Happily Never After.” He spoke about the quarter life crisis that he went through and what qualities he has been looking for in man. He brought in Titanic and Jack and Jill to support his story. A part of Yanga’s speech that really stood out was when he said this, “When you wait for your dream job, your opportunity in life, it’s important to embrace the things you already have in life.” The power of gratitude. A fabulous speech that truly lifted our spirits and made us think.

We had four different evaluators that did an amazing job and gave our speakers great insights into their speeches. Our evaluators were:

1. Celeste who evaluated Sherif’s speech
2. Ruben who evaluated Socotra’s speech
3. Cynthia who evaluated Yumna’s speech
4. Farai who evaluated Yanga

Our Table Topics was hosted by Asad Patel. He came up with a variety of funny topics such as:

-What random videos do you watch on YouTube?
-What’s the last channel that you last subscribed to and what made you subscribe to it?
-What superhero do you think the world needs right now and why during COVID?

Our Winners of the evening were:

We had a tie for “Best Speaker” which was awarded to Yanga and Socotra.

“Best Evaluator” was awarded to Ruben.

“Best Table Topics” was awarded to Blessing.

We also wanted to share with you some exciting member news:

Our very own EY Toastmasters Immediate Past President member Yanga Gceya got chosen as the Area 5 Director. Which means he will be in charge of 3 other clubs as well as our EY toastmasters club.

We also inducted our lovely newest member Sherif Mohamed into our club.

An absolutely spectacular meeting once again!

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