Our Exciting Humorous Contest

Hey you! Were you at the Ernst & Young Toastmasters Humorous Contest on the 19th of September?

I hope you were there because we had an absolutely spectacular contest! The contest was truly off the charts!

We had 3 amazing contestants that all came with 3 hilarious speeches that really took laughter to a new level and kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

Check out the Humorous Contest Recap Video on Facebook:


Our first contestant was Yumi did a speech titled “Oh Yes It’s Yumi.” She decided to roast herself and shared her awkward phases growing up and how she became the amazing boss lady she is today. She incorporated a lot of Masala spices into her speech. The crowd were in stitches!

Our second contestant was Sipho who did a speech titled “Just another night with the homies.” He spoke about his teenage days and one particular night out with the homies that truly brought out the outlaw within him and his homies. His speech was done in true natural storyteller Sipho style! He really smoked up the room with his speech!

Our third contestant was Alan who did a speech titled “The big yellow M.” It was an absolutely hilarious speech that brought back good memories of nights out with our friends that always ended up at McDonald’s eating gourmet grand McChicken meals. He also spoke about how McDonald’s evokes all types of feelings within us in our lives. Spectacular speech.

Our speakers truly were EXCEPTIONAL with their speeches.

And here are our wonderful winners:

Third place went to Sipho

Second place went to Alan

First place went to Yumi

However in our eyes at Toastmasters- everybody came in first place 🥇

We hope to see you at our next meeting. Stay tuned!

And always remember that laughter is an instant vacation!

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