Our Phenomenal Speakathon

On the 1st of October- we had our famous Speakathon at Ernst & Young Toastmasters. It was unlike any other and truly exceptional.

Our Speakathon was filled with amazing speakers who brought their own unique speeches that inspired the audience. We also had awards given out to our members who have accomplished different levels in their pathways journeys which I will explain a little later. We also had spectacular Table Topics Impromptu speeches that were very creative and made us laugh a lot. Our Speakathon was taken to new levels.

Our Toastmaster of the evening was Tapiwa- who did an absolutely amazing job as Toastmaster. She made us laugh, made us truly think, and really captured the audience in every single aspect.

We were honoured to have had 6 marvellous speakers.

Our First Speaker was Odwa who did a speech titled “When Men Become Lions.” This truly was a powerful speech that Odwa did. It showed the symbolism of a lion and the many characteristics that men share with lions. It had a bigger profound message with regards to what a difference men can make in our society when they decide to ultimately channel their inner lions

Our Second Speaker was Gerd-Jan who did a speech titled “The Impact Robots Have on Education.” His speech truly enlightened us on the power of our technology that we have today and what a great impact A.I. robots can have on our education system. He shared with us the pros and cons of having a robot teach compared to a human who teaches. What an eye opening speech.

Our Third Speaker was Yumna who did a speech titled “Oh Yes It’s Yumi.” She decided to do the speech she did for the Humorous Contest that placed her in First Place in which she will be advancing to the Division R Contest. She decided to roast herself and make fun of the person that she was and give a special ode and accolade to the person that she is today. She incorporated a lot of Masala spices into her speech. The crowd thought it was hilarious.

Our Fourth Speaker was Rutendo who did a speech titled “The Impact of Isolation On Your Mental Health.” This was a different speech that required Rutendo to share a part of her popular Podcast called “In my Twenties”. She interviewed a woman who is a freelance journalist that travels a lot. The woman shared how working in isolation impacted her life and her mental health. Very inspiring speech by Rutendo that also reflected her powerful leadership.

Our Fifth Speaker was Pratik who did a speech titled “The Thief Of Time.” This was a very eye opening speech that highlighted what procrastination truly is and how it affects our life in many different aspects. He incorporated a lot of visual illustrations that made us laugh and at the same time- these images had very powerful messages that we can apply in our lives. He shared some amazing tips that we can use in our lives when we feel procrastination creeping up.

Our Sixth Speaker was Cynthia who did a speech titled “We Are The Champions.” She had to do a speech where she accepted an award with grace, dignity, and sincerity. She spoke about a profound award that Ernst & Young Toastmasters received called the “President’s Distinguished Award”. She made this speech her own. It was so unique and she added in that touch of humour into it as well. An incredible speech indeed. Rutendo our current madam president and Yanga our past president assisted Cynthia by pinning the award onto our flag.

We also did a general evaluation which had a different twist from our previous evaluations. It was very inclusive. The whole audience participated in the general evaluation and gave their unique feedback to our wonderful speakers.

Our Table Topics Master for Impromptu speeches was Marwaan. He brought a bag of full of goodies that our table topics speakers picked out of the bag and spoke about. They were very creative items.

The objects that were picked out of the bag were: A med lemon box, a photo frame, goggles, a water bottle, and a lighter.

Our Table Topics speakers were hilarious and brought an amazing unique and creative approach to their speeches.

Our winners of the evening were as follows:

Best Speaker went to Yumna

Best Table Topics speaker went to Nash

We also had a lot of our members receive Pathways awards for their speech progress within Toastmasters.

Pathways is Toastmasters personal and professional developmental education program. Pathways is designed to help you build the skills you need to communicate and lead.

Marwaan received his Pathways Certificate of Completion for achieving Level 1 of the Motivational Strategies Pathway.

Tapiwa received her Pathways Certificate of Completion for achieving Level 2 of the Innovative Planning Pathway.

Rutendo received her Pathways Certificate of Completion for achieving Level 3 of the Leadership Development Pathway.

Yumna received 2 Pathways Certificates of Completion for achieving Level 1 and 2 of the Motivational Strategies Pathway.

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We hope to see you at our next upcoming EY meeting. See you soon!

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