Our Second Inspiring Online Meeting

Our second online Toastmasters meeting was truly one to remember. Every participant brought something unique to the meeting. Inspiring, magnificent, and empowering are just some of the words to describe how great our meeting was.

Our theme of the evening was “In unity there is strength.” This was chosen by our wonderful Toastmaster of the evening- Yumna. Yumna led the meeting with great enthusiasm.

We were honoured to have had two amazing speakers.

We first had Martyna Scibiorek. Martyna did a speech titled, “Taking a deep pause.” She included phenomenal theatrics into her speech to demonstrate her powerful message. She spoke about how important it is to take some time out to pause and reflect. She used a variety of amazing stories to demonstrate this.

Our second speaker was Yanga Gceya. Yanga did a speech titled, “Best Brand Builder of the year: Yanga Gceya.” Yanga did a special occasion speech where he received a Loerie Brand Builder of the year Award. Yanga truly inspired us in every way possible with his speech and brought in beautiful aspects into his speech such as humour, inspiration, empowerment, and a deep message.





Our Table Topics section of the meeting in which the audience gets to participate and practice their impromptu speech skills was hosted by Tapiwa. Tapiwa had a variety of objects in which people had to speak about including: headphones, sneakers, a flower, an apple, a pot, and a dumbell. It was hilarious and guests stepped up to the plate and stepped out of their comfort zone. It was remarkable.


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