Recap: What you missed in February

2016/02/02 Recap
Congratulatons to our meeting award winners! (Cynthia Kanyenze – Best Speaker), (Roselyn Karamba – Best Evaluator), (Sipumziwe Lucwaba– Best Table Topic Speakers).

We had a lovely evening, with  Hilmarie Stephenson as the Toastmaster of the evening. The theme of the evening was “Give a little bit”  which was carried throughout the meeting with the word of the day “ benevolent”.   Cynthia Kanyenze was the first speaker of the evening who enlightened us with the speech “Miss Universe”.   Chris Adlam  inspired us withWhen smoke gets in your eyes?”Maxine Nokuthula Thanjekwayo hosted a fun round of Table Topics, Thank you to everyone  who  stepped up to take part in the fun.   Our evaluators, Warren Frost  andRoselyn Karamba provided valuable insights and constructive feedback for our speakers.Thank you to all facilitators Kathryn Hounsell as Time Keeper and Garth Pierce  for being the Ah Counter and Roselyn Karamba   as the General Evaluator.2016/02/02 Recap 
Well done to our meeting award winners! (Best Speaker Award – Garth Pierce), (Hilmarie Stephenson – Best Evaluator), (Cynthia Kanyenze – Best Table Topic Speakers).

The theme for the evening was Heroes and the word of the day was “glossophobia”. Our speaker Garth Pierce   shared fascinating facts in his speech “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and Kerry Ann Field inspired us to read “The Speed of Trust”

Our speech evaluators,  Hilmarie Stephenson and Maxine Nokuthula Thanjekwayo provided  solid feedback to our speakers.  Cynthia Kanyenze   was the Ah Counter  for the evening. The Grammarian was  Maxine Nokuthula Thanjekwayo .
Our General Evaluator  was Avien Pillay   who provided insight on what was done effectively  in the meeting and what could be improved upon.  Mark Silberbauer  facilitated a fun session of Table Topics and the Timekeeper for the evening was  Neil Bernberg.