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Toastmasters 22nd Meeting Recap

A deep, moving, and astounding meeting once again at the Ernst & Young Toastmasters Club.

We had a variety of speakers that really redefined how public speaking is done.

Our Toastmaster of the evening was our wonderful Ex President- Yanga Gceya who was amazing as always and made us laugh.

The theme of the evening was “Your Why.” A marvellous theme that fits into every aspect of our lives and guides everything we do on a day to day basis on a deeper level. #yourwhy

The word of the evening was “Aggrandise” which means to increase the power, status, or wealth of or to enhance the reputation of (someone) beyond what is justified by the facts. A compelling word indeed.

We were honoured to have had four amazing speakers:

1. Cynthia Kanyenze who did a special speech titled “The Born Leader” on what it takes to be a leader within Toastmasters and the roles involved. She shared some transformational leadership advice that we can apply to our lives too.

2. Everton Chipere who did a wonderful speech on “Taking Baby Steps” that we could apply directly to our lives in terms of making things happen, consistency, and just doing it.

3. Kathryn Hounsell did a fantastic speech titled “How true are we to our authentic selves and our core values in the workplace?” Her speech was relatable to everyone in the crowd and enlightened us on what truly goes on in the workplace and how to take what’s in our power to find solutions to those issues in the workplace.

4. Yumna Aysen did a phenomenal speech on “The Mask of Mentorship.” Her speech demonstrated the vulnerable side to her and she shared with us the truths about what really encompasses a true mentor.

Our Winners for the evening were:

“Best Speaker” went to Yumna Aysen

We had a tie for “Best Evaluator” between:

-Mbasa Jozi (From the Vodacom Toastmasters Club)
-Nashad Soeker

“Best Table Topics” went to Christopher Fry from the Vodacom Toastmasters Club.

We also had Emily Nhachi receive a prestigious award Mentor Award. She successfully helped 3 members with their first 3 speeches.

Cynthia also gave an award to Yanga for “Advanced Leader Bronze” which was successfully completed in a year in Exco, attended club officer training, and ensured to give 2 educational speeches from the Successful Club series manual.

Rutendo also received an award for completing her Leadership Development Path Level 2.

We also had 5 of the Vodacom Toastmasters Members come to steal our flag. A funny thing that we do at Toastmasters. Every time 5 people from another club comes to our club- they can steal our flag. We will be getting our flag back at the next Vodacom Toastmasters Meeting. Stay tuned!

We also did something very EXCITING and different at this meeting which we will be sharing soon in the form of a video.

A meeting to never be forgotten.

If you would love to come and check out Ernst & Young Toastmasters events, be sure to look out for the updates on our Facebook page. You won’t regret visiting us.

Our next meeting will be on the 3rd of September.

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