Read what some of our members have to say about EY Toastmasters

A lovely club with great people and one of the “highest achieving” clubs,  I will recommend EY Toastmasters as a great learning ground.
Donna Maclagan

EY Toastmasters is an ideal environment for you to improve your communication and leadership skills because of the non-judgmental attitude that everyone at the club has!  Everyone is there to learn, so you can feel comfortable with people giving you constructive feedback to enable you to grow.
Meekness Lunga

I joined Toastmasters to improve my communication skills for high-pressure interactions, including social, business, and networking events. Toastmasters has reaffirmed my belief that anyone can improve at anything, given the will and volition.
Jonathan Bertscher

I was first introduced to EY Toastmasters when I met a member at a random coffee meet-up. Being new to Cape Town, and determined to make the most of my short 7-months in South Africa, I thought TM would be a great way to meet new people, while improving my public speaking skills. I couldn’t have been more thrilled with my experience at EY. My involvement with Toastmasters has made me more confident- whether it be presenting to a large group of people, or having to network in a large room full of strangers.
Joanne Linnay

The most valuable thing I’ve learned at EY Toastmasters  is the importance to encourage others in their personal growth.  I’ve shared with my friends that by joining Toastmasters, they’ll grow in confidence and add value to all aspects of their lives- from relationships to their careers.
Etienne Koch

I’ve had the opportunity to partake in numerous, professional training programs in my years in investment banking but, by leaps and bounds, Toastmasters is the most influential training program that I have participated in for personal and career development. Like any other program, success is only derived from the amount of time and effort that you, the individual, put into it. The Toastmasters meetings and manuals benefit from decades of research and usage in thousands of clubs in over 100 countries and is designed in such a way that members can continue to learn and develop – no matter how many years they continue to participate. I am a professional speaker, trainer and consultant and have benefited immeasurably from both the leadership and speaking tracks in my 15+ years at Toastmasters. And, like many other professional speakers I know who got their starts at Toastmasters, I continue to experience the benefits of membership. For those who have always put off attending a meeting due to an overpowering fear of public speaking, I can personally attest to watching incredible success stories of similar souls over this tenure.

I have seen timid, reserved wallflower blossom into confident speakers and inspirational leaders in unbelievably short periods of time at Toastmasters – some of whom have gone onto extremely successful careers directly attributable to their time at their local club. I believe so much in Toastmasters and am so grateful for the training and the strong friendships developed over the years that I started a new club, was a founding member in another and still serve as a mentor to clubs and members alike today. Each club has a unique identity, personality and feel to it so go to a number of clubs until you find the perfect fit. You’ll never look back.
Bill Russell

I joined Toastmasters in 2011 because I wanted to get involved in a learning and social activity that was not connected with my work. Toastmasters provides you with a set curricula that focuses on both leadership and communication skills. The manuals are easy to follow and not intimidating. It is easy to keep up with your Toastmaster activities on top of fulltime work, and in my case, also part-time study. The club members are very friendly and supportive of me. The meetings are fun.

There is a great mix of people from different backgrounds who are keen to come together regularly in a relaxed atmosphere and encourage each other to step outside their comfort zones and grow.
Regan Jules-Macquet

Before I joined Toastmasters, I was absolutely terrified at the thought of giving a speech in public, let along looking confident in the process! Well, I have been a member for only 1 year now and already I am starting to feel more confident in front of a group of people, and the words seem to be flowing better too!  The members in my group have been very friendly and accommodating with-respect-to giving me help and pointing me in the right direction, and it is great to be included as one-of-the-team, even though many of the members have been with the club for many more years than I.  My fellow team members have become the role-models that I look up to.  I identify their skills when they speak, and try to implement these in my speeches.  I find this is giving me confidence to open-up and hone-in on additional abilities that I have at my disposal too. I have discovered that public speaking is a developmental process, which takes a lot longer to master than what I had originally imagined.  In my last 5 speeches, including some impromptu’s and roles, I have developed improved confidence, improved the structure of my speeches, learnt to get to the point and have successfully incorporated body language into my speeches.  I really look forward to what other skills I will learn in my next few speeches.  About a year ago, after having done only 2 speeches at Toastmasters, a friend of mine asked me to be the Best Man at his wedding.  It seemed like a daunting task at first, although it must have been the experience I had gained in my short time at Toastmasters that gave me the confidence to make the commitment!  I could now try-out a few skills I had learnt there.  Although there were some nerves on the night of the event, my speech went very smoothly, and a few people even approached me afterwards and told me I was a natural speaker!  This came as a real surprise, as well as a good ego-boost, and I realized that the nerves up-front were all well-worth the praise at the end!  I have also enjoyed implementing techniques at work which I obtained at Toastmasters. It is often required of me to speak with my worker-teams consisting of many previously disadvantaged members (I work on a Social Upliftment Program).  I address the team correctly, and use simple language to get the message across.  At the end of last year, we had a get-together and photo session where we congratulated the teams for their achievements through the year.  After giving my speech, they responded in rapturous applause!  Now if that isn’t enough to make one want to continue improving ones speaking skills, nothing will!  So, Toastmasters, you haven’t seen the last of me yet! ”
Ross Wilson