The Ones We Have Been Waiting For


The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

What a stunning, absolutely exceptional meeting we had on the 3rd of September. The speeches, Toastmaster of the evening, evaluators, and Table Topics speakers were truly off the charts. Definitely one to never be forgotten.

Our Toastmaster of the evening was Rutendo Nyamuda who did an absolutely amazing job as Toastmaster. She made us laugh, made us truly think, and really captured the audience in every single aspect.


Our Theme of the evening was “The Ones We Have Been Waiting For.” A powerful theme indeed that was reflected in every single moving speech we were honoured to have. The word of the day was “Victress” which complemented the theme. A powerful word which means “A woman who is victorious.”

We were honoured to have 4 amazing speakers:

1. Pratik Gupta who did an enlightening speech titled “When Machines Start To Think” that taught us about the reality of A.I. and its impact on the society we live in today. We learnt a lot from his speech.

2. Cynthia Kanyenze did an absolutely deep, moving, and groundbreaking speech that truly reflected her significant self growth and her vulnerability. Her speech was titled “Dark-Rose Apartment Building.”

3. Sanele Xulu did a stunning speech titled “Medicinal Words.” This was her very first speech in Toastmasters and we were all surprised that this was her first one, as Sanele is a natural at speaking. Her speech was very poetic and beautiful.

4. Tapiwa Chimbganda did an exceptional speech titled “Drink Responsibly” which was very eye opening. It showed us the reality of what plastic bottles actually do to the environment and our society. She gave us great self growth actions that we can take on a day to day basis, that can have a great positive impact on the environment.

Our winners for the evening:

Cynthia Kanyenze for “Best Speaker.”

We had a tie for “Best Evaluator” – Jazzmin Hecht and Zainab Ebrahim

“Best Table Topics” (Impromptu speech) went to Nash Singh.


We also played the “Start with Why” video that had the members express and explain their why for joining Toastmasters. It was truly exquisite. You can check it out by clicking on the video:




This was truly a deep breathtaking meeting that will never be forgotten.

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