The Power Of Moments

We had amazing energy, great people, speeches that were out of this world, and an energetic audience. What more could you ask for? Our EY Toastmasters meeting on the 20th of February was truly magnificent!

Our theme of the meeting was “The Power Of Moments.” And how the power of a small or big moment can change the course of your life forever.

Our speakers of the evening truly transformed us from the inside out through their phenomenal speeches.

Our Toastmaster of the evening was Amy. This was her very first time being Toastmaster of the evening as a new member which is a significant role to take on. She made use of her amazing MC skills and did an absolutely phenomenal job as Toastmaster of the evening. Her energy lit up the room.

Our Madam President Rutendo did an extraordinary educational speech on the power of mentorship. She shared some valuable empowering insights on the many benefits of being a mentor and a mentee and how this relationship is vital to elevate your life in so many ways. A quote that stood out from Rutendo’s speech was, “Listen to listen, not listen to reply.” She spoke about how the relationship between mentor and mentee needs to be balanced.

We were honoured to have had 2 phenomenal speakers.

1. Gerd-Jan Ukena

Gerd-Jan did a speech- titled: “Dreams of Light and Dark.” He took us through an amazing dream visualisation exercise, he spoke about the symbolism of your dreams and the power of light and darkness in your life. A quote from his speech that stood out was- “Step into the darkness with courage.”

2. Yumna Aysen

Yumna did a phenomenal speech titled- “The Power of Storytelling.” She spoke about how the simple technique of storytelling can take your brand to new heights through being vulnerable and transparent about your journey with others.

We also had our phenomenal Vice President of Membership Cynthia – induct our lovely new members into the EY club. Our new members are:

-Celeste Siren
-Socotra Williams
-Amy Chiwaye

We had an extraordinary Table Topics Session hosted by Stuart in which people got to practice their impromptu speech skills. Stuart had a few pictures of famous people in which the speakers could have a moment with a famous person of their choice. In that imaginary moment with the famous person- they would have to pitch them an idea. It truly was hilarious.

The Table Topics speakers were remarkable.

We had awards given to:

Best Speaker went to Yumna

Best Evaluator went to Mbasa

Best Table Topics went to Cynthia

What a spectacular meeting!

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