The Value of True Inspiration

Our president Yanga opened the meeting by reminding us to values those in our lives, this message can never be understated. The Toastmasters for the evening was Jerry, he did amazing and one would not have thought it was his first time, it’s only up from here on for this young man. Jerry spoke under the theme Inspiration.

Ope us started off with the Edu Slot, he informing us about the purpose of having a mentor as a member and the benefits thereof for both the mentor and the mentee, and more importantly the impact of this relationship for the development of both parties. I encourage everyone take up this opportunity.

Our first speaker for the evening was Nolitha, who was doing her ice breaker. She had us holding onto her every word, and we were introduced to all the sides of Nolitha that made her the fierce young lady she has become, a true inspiration indeed. Our second speaker was Miguel, he told us amazing story which kept us in stitches and left us in suspense (not fair Miguel), I guess that’s the trade mark of a good story teller.

Cynthia was our third speaker and spoke about how Ify (Vice President of Education) inspired her in more ways that she could count, this was echoed by most if all the EY Toastmasters’ members. Our fourth and captivating speaker for the night was Fuma, she spoke on how we are the result of our experiences in our lives, am sure your may Maya Angelou is proud of you Fuma. Our fifth and last speaker for the evening was our visitor from the City Bowl club, Jessica, she highlighted the importance of good communication skills with a professional and personal set up. Thank you visiting us Jessica.

Wrapping things up was Sindi who was our Table Topic Master, she took us back to an era of yester years, of bellbottoms and disco light, the glorious 60s. Let’s just say fun was had by all.

Now to the part everyone favourite part, our winners for the night:

Best Speaker Award: Nolitha Grey

Best Table Topics Award: Roxanne Rhode

Best Evaluator Award: Yumna Aysen

Table Topics Speaker: Quinton Lamprecht

Table Topics Speaker: Sergio Abplanalp

Best Speaker Award: Nolitha Grey and Jerry


Best Table Topics Award: Roxanne Rhode and Jerry


Best Evaluator Award: Yumna Aysen and Jerry

See you on 04 December 2018!