Thursday 17 May 2012 meeting

Our Thursday the 17th of May meeting was just another meeting with CC1s’ and CC10 blessing the evening. The meeting started at 18:30 with Givemore Mashingaidze the Sergeant At Arms giving out the logistics of the venue and handing over to the club President Dafne Nienhuys who welcome the guests and pointed out some agenda amendments.

After giving the loyalty toast to South Africa and its people, Dafne took the amazing role of toastmaster of the evening starting by introducing Roshan who was the timekeeper and Lance Brown the rare general evaluator. Both spoke about their respective roles.
Without wasting much time The Toastmaster, introduced the evaluator Barry Ger who in turn introduced Zavick a.k.a Superdog to do his CC1 entitled Stop Kangarooing as he was always told by his mother back in the days. Zavick an entrepreneur with own studios and high passion levels for designing and sewing thrilled the floor with his self designed jacket as he spoke with confidence for 6 minutes and 8 seconds

The second speaker was Gill Molteno who gave her CC1 entitled Its me. Gill who can’t be described without talking of her great experience in dancing, from ballet to salsa dancing and extra-ordinary zeal for camping with the most memorable being at the alienated island in the Mozambiquean coast at the eve of the new millennium gave one kind of speech. She spoke with confidence and without notes something unusual for a CC1 for 5 minutes and 26 seconds.

The next speaker was Alex Conway introduced by his evaluator Reagan to give his CC1 entitled Who are you? Alex a great speaker and with a great voice spoke about how at University he could feel all things flowing good and under-control but all of a surprise start to feel spaced out. He inspired the audience by telling them that once you believe yourself that you can do it then truly you can do it. Alex spoke for 6 minutes and 29seconds.

After the CC1’s there was Estella Minaar with her CC7, which was a research topic, entitled Change your Brain. She spoke about how amazing the human brain is speaking from a heart touching personal experience. She introduced a big word to the audience: Neuroplasticity, explaining how when one part of the brain malfunctions the other one takes over. In her speech Estella urged the audience to pay close attention to the works of their brain and use natural senses to improve neuroplasticity. Some helpful tips she gave is to walk bare foot at times and not to look down when walking down the stairs but to feel the way down. Truly it was well researched and informational. All was said in 5 minutes and 45seconds.

After Estella, there came Kathryn Hounsel for thanksgiving. Thanking the Lord for the food, specifically mentioning the piazza flavors. Se also thanked Butler’s pizza for giving a discount. The house then took a break for coffee and delicious pizza from Butlers

After the break the last prepared speaker of the evening Givemore Mashingaidze gave his inspiring CC10 speech entitled That’s my journey; what’s yours? He spoke about his journey as a Toastmaster even giving a glimpse of his previous speeches. He spoke about the challenges he faced in balancing his time as a Toastmaster who is in the committee and as a full-time student. Despite his challenges, he managed to get to his CC10 and complete a full year as a committee member without compromising his academic standing. He told the audience that no matter how our journeys’ differ but the principles to travel them remain the same with focus being the greatest one. He called upon those who haven’t yet started their journey to just take the first step for the rest will fall into place as one travels the journey. What an inspirational speech it was within only 10 minutes and 9 seconds.

After the prepared speeches, Dafne the Toastmaster of the evening introduced Zavick who was the Topics Master to do the impromptu speaking session. Zavick started by asking for volunteers urging especially the guests to participate. The first to go was Nicholas who thanked the debate facilitator between ANC and DA, highlighting that despite the issues raised were sensitive but people were able to control themselves something he failed to understand either. He spoke for 1 minute and 29 seconds.

The second to go was Marlon Mandoroma who as the SA hockey captain thanked Mark Shuttleworth for sponsoring their Olympics tournament. He highlighted the challenges they faced due to lack of resources and how they remained proudly South African. He spoke for 1 minute and 52 seconds. The third was Nicola who thanked Mr. Robert Greenwell for organic farming. She thanked him for such an initiative for it bridged the poverty gap. Alex thanked the Cape Town Talk presenter Dr Eve the sex therapist for giving sex advice on the radio. He noted that it takes a lot of courage to speak about such a topic on such a platform and Dr Eve has managed to show that. He spoke for 1 minute and 29 seconds. Katie was the last, thanking Zavick for managing to keep put all things in place for the museum exhibition. She also in her talking pointed that although Zavick was on her back, pushing things to be done even after hours but was glad that eventually all went well.

After the table topics, there were evaluations namely Barry evaluating Zavick, Dafne evaluating Gill, Reagan evaluating Alex, Kirsten evaluating Estella and Lance evaluating Givemore. Lance Brown also gave the general evaluation of the club noting areas to keep it up and those of improvements. After the evaluations, Kirsten gave an educational session on Team building, telling the audience how it is important to work as a team in Toastmasters and the benefits she had ripped in doing so. She spoke for 10 minutes and 53 seconds.

The Toastmasters invited Zavick the Table topics masters to hand over the prize for the Best Table Topics Speaker who was none other than the Hockey guy; Marlon Mandoroma, Wow! What a speech and congratulations.

Dafne now as the President urged members to go for the Committee officer Training on the 9th of June and spelt the next session to be on the 5th of June. She declared the meeting officially over at 2100hrs.

Article written by Givemore Mashingaidze