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Minutes of 19th April Meeting 2012 – by Dafne Nienhuys.

Our  Sergeant at arms, Givemore Mashingaidze, Called the Meeting to Order at 18h35, did the Welcome and logistics and he introduced President Dafne Nienhuys. A welcome to our 11 members and 13 guest! There were  4 new members who were inducted by Lisa Huang our membership coordinator: Alex Conway, Anneke Buys, Meeknes Lunga and Gill Molteno; They all accepted the toastmasters pledge, welcome!

Agenda Amendments  were – evaluation for Bram Manoocheri his CC4 would be done by Keith Man from Cape Communicators and Cape Town Club. Keith also volunteered for the role of Finemaster .                A Toast to Africa was done & the control was yielded to Toastmaster of the evening; Givemore MashingaidzeGivemore spoke abut his recent achievement; he passed his exams Cum Laude! congratulations.

Evaluators Ross Wilson, Keith Man CC and Nicky Abdinor CC introduced respective Speakers  : Lisa Huang who did her CC4 entitled A foreign Land in 8m28, Bram Manoocheri  also his CC4 entitled Happiness in 6m47 and Dafne Nienhuys  her final of the CC manual, CC10 entitled face to face networking in 11m07.

The 1st Timekeeper’s Report  was given by our new member Meekness Lunga, whereafter a Refreshment and Meal break took place, with delicious organic Pies from  and fresh coffee

After the  comfort break, the Toastmaster Introduced the Timekeeper, Meekness Lunga, explaining her role, ensuring you are speking within time and learn time management Followed by Keith Man who explained His role as Finemaster,; counting all Uhms and Ahs and fining you afterwards for mistakes.

Nicky Abdinor CC continued as Table Topics Master , and  Conducted a Table Topics Session the audience became a class full of youngster getting taught various useful sessions. Anneke Buys spoke on career choices in, Thandi on conflict resolution in 1m51, Alex on Facebook in 1m24, Gloria on a healthy body in 2m07 and Iyembi on Sexual Transmittal Diseases in 1m55 .

Evaluations where done By Ross Wilson, Keith Man and Nicky Abdinor. When Meekness Lunga giving the the 2nd Timekeeper’s Report, and Keith Mann the Finemasters report ,Collection of voting slips  for the best Table Topics took place by our new member Gill Molteno.

During the Business & important dates, the value of visiting Various Clubs was discussed, please always do so; you meet many other toastmasters, with different vibes, very professional or corporate clubs and in every town in the world! See more on

For those interested in becoming involved in the committee, we are looking for new members! 9th of June a committee training will take place –  all members are welcome (please send an email to if you want to join – its for free we pay for your lunch).

In May, because of public holidays, we only meet  once 17th May Meeting  please send your requested roles and let us know if you want to participate via

The award for the evening accompanied by a prize – a desk calender – best table Topic -went to our guest Thandi, handed over to Givemore Mashingaidze, Who formally closed the meeting at 20h45. Thanks all for coming, looking forward see you again and follow us on twitter and facebook!