What You Missed At Our First November Meeting

Our first November meeting themed “When I grow up…” was piloted by Ope Onibokun who shared anecdotes about what he wanted to be when he was growing up, from having dreams to fly airplanes to being a make shift DJ for a day.

The meeting had the audience entertained with a great variety of speeches from Ice Breakers, entertaining speeches and Persuasive Speeches It was indeed a night with something for everyone.
Pullulate was the word of the day, “defined as breed or spread prolifically or rapidly. ”
Cynthia Kanyenze took home the Best Speaker award.

Zukisa Luswazi took with him the Best TableTopics Speaker award.

Nashad Soeker won the Best Evaluator award.

In our “REASONS TO BE PROUD” segment we will make special mention of the following members:

Nashad Soeker: congratulations for being the runner up at the Division R Humorous Speech contest! He made us proud!

Bradley Day’s contribution at the Division R Contest put Ernst & Young Club in a good light as contest chair. We are proud to call him our own.


Mentorship Certificates:

Miguel Da Costa’s dedication to helping fellow Toasties reach their goals, we celebrate you!

Be sure not to miss our next meeting at Iziko Muzeum.  The meeting themed “A night at the Museum” is one not be missed. Details on our events list column.

Join us, bring a friend along with you too!

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