What You Missed at The Last November Meeting

Our penultimate meeting for 2017 was all about HABITS – our Toastmaster of the evening, Leon Livesy, channeled our thoughts into trying to establish great habits especially with the New Year around the corner.

Our word of the day was “Paradigm” a typical example or pattern of these awesome habits that we are going to develop.

The speeches of the night were extremely insightful from pushing the boundaries, a scientific version of maybe’s, the year of losing many cellular devices, enduring qualities, an hysterical recount of a camping experience to understanding the crypto currency.

Best Speaker of the evening was a joint win between Edward Moses and Marilize Kruger.
Edward’s speech was titled “An Enduring Quality” whilst Marlize unfolded her experience with a speech titled “The Marriage Counseling Tent”.

Ifeoma Okpala and Paul Waldeck were the joint winners for the Best TableTopics for the evening.

Paul Waldeck was awarded the Best Evaluator for the evening.

Join us for our next and final meeting for this year on Thursday, the 7th December 2017 for our bring and share Speak-a-thon.

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