When we were young

We had an absolutely phenomenal EY Toastmasters meeting on the 2nd of June. The theme that was chosen by our wonderful Toastmasters member Cynthia was “When we were young.” The theme was centred around releasing your inner child and channeling that curiosity, the need for adventure, discovery, finding treasures, and ultimately happiness.

Our Madam President Rutendo did an amazing educational speech titled, “For a Moment… Stop Running.” She spoke about the importance of commitment. Your commitment to yourself, your goals and to Toastmasters. She suggested that we should stop running for a moment and take some time to reflect on what are our goals, focusing on healthy eating, spending time with your family and a variety of powerful questions that made us truly think about what matters in our lives.

We were honoured to have had three amazing speakers.

Our first speaker was Bulumko. Bulumko did a powerful speech titled, “The Voice.” This was Bulumko’s very first Toastmasters speech at our club and he did an absolutely spectacular job. He spoke about the power of your inner voice, your inner thoughts and what you tell yourself which impacts how you view the world and the challenges you come across in life. He spoke about his love for swimming and what swimming has taught him on a larger scale in his life. He said that it’s important to manage your inner critic and see the positives in the challenges that you come across in life.

Our second speaker was Martyna with a speech titled, “Coffee Talk.” Martyna did an absolutely hilarious and a theatrical speech where she pretended to speak to coffee as if it were a person and what coffee has done for her in all of the different aspects of her life. She spoke about how coffee has taught her that it’s possible to overcome your limits and just like how all people love their coffees prepared in different ways, the same is true with life. Life has all types of different ways/roads for everyone. She made all of us view coffee in a whole new way. We will definitely not see coffee in the same way again.

Our third speaker was Tapiwa and she did a speech titled, “Leading in the unknown” She spoke about the toughest challenges that we’re going through in life at the moment as a result of COVID and how she and the Toastmasters team had to learn to find new ways to fulfill the needs of our Toastmasters members. She spoke about the importance of starting small with a simple plan and how you are never beyond learning something new. It’s very important to be open to learning. Our current situation has taught her and all of us – how to walk with a team into the unknown.

We had our lovely Toastmasters member Sherif lead the Table Topics session part of our meeting. He did a splendid job and came up with some great topics. Here are a few of them:

-If you could write on new law that you could rewrite, what law would that be?

-What genre of movie would you act in that sums up your life?

We had Blessing visit our club again and was the General Evaluator for the evening. He did a marvellous job.

We had three different evaluators that did an amazing job and gave our speakers great insights into their speeches. Our evaluators were:

1. Yumna who evaluated Bulumko’s speech
2. Nashad who evaluated Martyna’s speech
3. Yanga who evaluated Tapiwa’s speech

Our Winners of the evening were:

“Best Speaker” was awarded to Bulumko

“Best Evaluator” was awarded to Yanga

“Best Table Topics” was awarded to Rutendo

An absolutely spectacular meeting once again!

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