Your Potential is Endless

Channeling your innermost potential and igniting the fire within


We had an absolutely ASTOUNDING meeting on the 2nd of July. We were moved by all of the amazing speeches and it definitely opened up our minds to see many things in different ways.

We had Nashad as the Toastmaster of the evening who chose “Potential” as the theme of the evening. A powerful theme indeed that definitely made an appearance in everybody’s speeches.

Here is a powerful quote about Potential:

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” -Confucius.


Nashad as Toastmaster of the evening

We paid our respects to the amazing leaders that we had on the previous executive committee and officially inaugurated the new executive committee who will be leading the way to accomplish great things.

Here are the lovely new members of the executive committee:

President – Rutendo
Treasurer – Odwa
VP Education – Tapiwa
Club Secretary – Fuma
VP Membership – Cynthia
VP PR – Yumna


We had three exceptional speakers:

1. Roselyn Karamba
2. Zainab Ebrahim
3. Everton Chipere

First Speaker: Roselyn Karamba

Roselyn Karamba made a guest appearance at our meeting where she presented an educational speech on effective evaluations.

She has served in the executive committee as a VPPR, VPE of Ernst and Young Toastmasters and is serving as the outgoing VPM of ToastTed Toastmasters club. In her time at Ernst and Young, she won the Division R contest for Evaluations. When she took the Southern Africa stage, she won 2nd place. We were honoured to learn so much from her.

Second Speaker: Zainab Ebrahim

Zainab connected very deeply with the audience on her speech titled: “I think, therefore I am.” She really opened up our minds about many different facets of life and took us through a stunning guided meditation.

Third Speaker: Everton Chipere

Everton spoke on the importance of goal setting and enlightened us with steps to take in order to make our goals a reality.

We had awards given to:


We are SO EXCITED to present our next meeting coming up on the 18th of July. This is one that is not to be missed. Come and check out what we’re all about and we assure you, that you will be able to channel and find that inner peach within you.

Come and be inspired- you won’t regret it 😀

Here are the details below in the flyer for the next meeting.

See you there!


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